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What Our Clients Think

Patience for Patients - JB

I have been wearing eyeglasses for the past fifty-years and remember my very first pair of cat frames in clear plastic with a shiny metal pins on the ear pieces. When I first met Gene, I was just shy of the tender age of thirty-five. With such a round face and poor vision, finding the right frames were a challenge. Of course, being petite didn't help matters; I was a tough sell. I knew Gene would need quite a bit of patience to find the right frames, but before I could blink my eyes, he removed a pair of frames from the display case and I instantly fell in love with the most beautiful glasses that tames my round face and thick lenses.. Thank you Anderson Eye Care Opticians, Jody

You've Been Framed


Name: Cheryl Ali

The way I chose Cheryl's new eyeglasses is the way I have done for years.
I look at the patients face, to see what new shapes might work on them, see the skin tones, the style of the way they dress, I think about what type of new look to give that patient. I then look at the type of prescription the patient needs in order to choose the correct size of the frame. In Cheryl's case, I've known her for many years, and I know she's a little conservative in the way she dresses. She was looking to make an updated change in her progressive eyeglasses, I also took into account her petite face and body size.

I showed her a number of newer plastic frames, but nothing to bold. One of the first frames I showed her was a small colorful frame from Pro Design .

After going through a small number of frames, we both decided that the Pro Design was best in color, shape and size. When she picked up her new eyewear a few days later, she was very happy with our choice. And she was able to very well with her new prescription!

-Gene B